Guide to CVRC

In this section you will find a description of the services and options available to you the consumer. This section is here to give you a brief overview of these options. To obtain a more comprehensive understanding, please contact a representative at one of our locations.

Regional Center Goals

  • To serve as an advocate for persons with developmental disabilities
  • To identify specific client and family needs and to establish a person-centered plan
  • To provide the most effective client services, through utilization of community resources
  • To assist the community in the prevention and early identification of developmental disabilities
  • To assist in the establishment of new and innovative programs and to expand existing community resources

Concerned about your child’s development?

  • Cannot walk without help by age 2
  • Doesn’t speak in short sentences by age 4
  • Has poor body balance
  • Has trouble playing with other children
  • Other related problems

Together we:

  • Find out what help you need
  • Find answers to your questions
  • Arrange for services
  • Plan what to do – today, tomorrow, next year, for your child’s lifetime