Staff Access

Staff Access to CVRC Private Computer Systems:
Legal Disclaimer:
These are private computing systems which are restricted to authorized individuals. The information contained in these systems is protected and confidential under California Welfare & Institutions Code section 4514 and others. Actual or attempted unauthorized use of these computer systems will result in criminal and/or civil prosecution. We reserve the right to view, monitor, record, investigate and report activity on system access without notice or permission. If you are not an authorized user of these systems, or do not consent to continuous monitoring, please exit at this time.

outlook Outlook Web App
Web version of the email client used in the office.

sandislogo Java Sandis
This web version of Sandis is written using Sun Java as it’s delivery platform. Java FAQ. If you do not have a current Java runtime environment (JRE) installed on your PC, or if you have an old version, you should update to the latest. You can download and install it from this link. You will have to add the site address to the Java control panel exception list to get it working.

  Sandis 7 – Still in beta testing. Only available to approved users at this time.

officestatuslogo Office Status
Web version of the status client used in the office.

adp ADP Payroll Service Portal
This is a 3rd party site, not maintained by CVRC.

learningportal CVRC Learning Portal
The CVRC Learning Portal (LP) is used to access assigned and optional training, enroll in instructor led classes, online courses, access your training history, and view your current enrollments

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