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The California Department of Developmental Services has announced the process for programs wishing to apply for the second round of funding to help programs comply with Home and Community Based Services by March of 2022. A total of 15 million as been allocated in this second round of grants. Click here to open a document where you will find information on the process, as well as the forms to be used, and links to the DDS website with further details.

2018 Minimum Wage Rate Adjustment Information

Competitive Integrative Employment Incentive for Providers

CMS Rule- The Impact for Service Providers in California

New Provider Rate Effective July 1, 2016

2015 Rate Changes Due to AB1522, Employee Sick Leave

CVRC Resource Development Request for Proposal Policy

Electronic Billing

Information, Security & Privacy Training for CVRC Vendors

POS Check Release Schedule 2018

Unusual Incident/Injury Reporting form

SIR Guidelines and Requirements

SIR Provider Training August 2015

Uniform Holiday Schedule Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Clarification of Uniform Holiday Schedule and Half Day Billing

W&I Code 4652.5 letter requiring specified vendors to contract with an independent accounting firm